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J. A. Wedum Foundation
2615 University Avenue S.E. Minneapolis, MN  55414
Phone: (612) 789-3363 Fax: (612) 789-4044

Jay J. Portz, President

Kellie Tesch, Director of Accounting

The J. A. Wedum Foundation is located just west of Highway 280 on University Avenue within University Village.
J. A. Wedum Board of Trustees

David Kjos, Chairman of the Board
Brian Myres, Chairman Elect
Dayton Soby, Board Member
Joseph Rusche, Board Member
Dana Wedum Kennelly, Board Member
Dawn Downs, Board Member
Michele Kelm-Helgen, Board Member
Jon Davis, Board Member

Gary Slette, Trustee Emeritus
Frank Starke, Trustee Emeritus
Dale Vesledahl, Trustee Emeritus
John Wosepka, Trustee Emeritus


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